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36 plymouth - mechanism to prop up hood


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(questions at the end after this background info)

My the metal on my hood is worn and probably some day I need to rebuild parts of it. I have replaced the hinge hardware that it hooks on at (on the car at the front and rear of the hood).

I gather that the owner of the car was supposed to just lay the open side of the hood over onto the other side. I don't want to do that (scratch the paint and stress the hinging surfaces even more)

I have two S shaped hooks that I hang on the radiator support rods (given to my by the prior owner). This is not a great solution either because it hangs a little bit low and you have to be careful not to scratch the sides of the car with the corners of the hood.

I have seen fords with a prop rod that is bolted across the support rods at right angles (about 7 inches from the firewall). This seems to work pretty well and keeps the hood corners away from the side of the car. I got one of these prop rods (the one from speedway) but it is way too short. I should have measured one before ordering it.

Now I am planning on building my own. I have a couple of questions:

1) Has anyone else built their own? Can I see pictures. Did you go with one rod or two (our hood is longer than the Fords).

2) Has anyone redesigned the way their hood hooks onto the car? This is really not a very good design. It should have some kind of captive pin that acts as a hingepoint (and you would have to unscrew the hardware on the car in order to remove it). If so, can I hear about it.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: n1gzd</div><div class="ubbcode-body">broom handle is a good idea. I might use that if I can't figure out how these things from Roberts are supposed to be installed.


All of the types that I have seen mount to the top of the radiator support rods and have a rubber coated dip at each end for the edge of the hood to fit into.

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It sounds like you know you can't lay one side on the other spring the crappy thing they call a hinge I have a 36 P2 if you have good robber corners you can let the cowl like rest on the car I have an adjustable rod that was used for an old desk the typwrighter there is a suplier I think Mitchel moters that sells something by the way what do you have for front matt have some great stuff real rubber and thin can send picture and sample bobnroman@yahoo.com

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