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89 2.2 litre head bolt torque and pattern?


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Hello all,

Quick question, does anyone know and can post the head bolt torque and pattern for the 89 2.2 litre?

Self update here....

I have been bidding but not winning on the TC service manuals... frown.gif

But, I do have the old Haynes and I followed the first two steps.

Torque pattern was stated as..

starting at center front bolt to center back bolt, clockwise pattern

Round one 45 ft-lb

Round two 65 ft-lb

Big question, round 3- 1/4 turn or 75 ft-lb and should the engine be hot???


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Hey Mobjak,

I will look that up and post tomorrow, I will also say that in all the different stuff i've put together I have never had to torque a heated unit. I have had to runthings thru a heat cycle prior to final torquing, but always had to let it completely cool down before torquing. lou

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My '89 manual says to start at center, 6:00 position, then 12:00, proceed to right (clockwise), then down for #4, jump over to left of center immediately to left of starting bolt, and proceed clockwise as stated.

Torque values are:

1st round - 45 ft-lbs

2nd round - 65 ft-lbs

3rd round - 65 ft-lbs (again)

4th round - +1/4 turn

After 1/4 turn, torque should be 0ver 90 ft-lbs; if not, manual says to replace bolt.


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Hey Mobjak,

Tom just gave it to you. On that 4th shot if the bolt is too soft it will stretch and not hold torque. I think all bolts should be replaced with new. I don't like using them over . Too many heat cycles. Lou

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To each thier own and the factory spec is probably the best overall torque sequence but I 'undertorque' the four corners by 5ft lbs. The gaskets tend to fail in the back left (#1 cyl) corner. Mostly its becuse there is just a small 'island' of gasket between the cyl bore and coolant jacket that is an inherant weak spot. IMO the gasket gets 'overcrushed' in that area causing weakness/deformation. So I just set the torquewrench for 60 in the four corners then add the 1/4 turn all the way around. Does it help? Don't know, but it makes me feel better cool.gif

Oh and I use Permatex copper spray gasket on both sides of the gasket...


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