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25 DB Rear Wheel Oil Seal Question

Guest oldodgeboys

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Guest oldodgeboys

I'm installing new felt outer seals to the rear wheels of my 25 roadster. The new seal appears very thick compared to the available space and I’m wondering if that’s correct.

One of my old seals was gone; the other old seal was attempting to leave. Based on the old seal, it looks like about 3/16 inch space is available for the seal thickness. The new seal is 1/2 inch thick, and fairly high density felt.

Does a 1/2 inch thick seal sound correct for this application? Should I install it and compress the seal with the axle nut?

Also, should I put lube on both sides of the seal, or only one side?

Many thanks. Gus

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I was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago with my 33 Dodge.

The new oil seal is a lot fatter and I wasn't sure if it would cover up the grease nipple.

Its a loonng way in and I couldn't check the fit as u have to hammer it in.

Any way there is about an 1/8 to 3/16" gap for the grease.

Good luck.

Manuel in Oz

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Guest oldodgeboys

Thanks for the info Manuel. My 25 outer seal is actually very easy to get to.

I feel completely wrong about installing the seal the way it is now. I know it needs <span style="font-style: italic">some</span> compression, but this seal will need 200 pounds or more to compress.

Unless someone has another idea, I'm going to thin the felt some before I install it.

thanks again


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