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WTB/Looking for 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire

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So just looking around at old cars (old to me, im 21...) and i came across the 1962 Olds Jetfire. My previous car was a '55 chevy bel air and before that 1971 porsche 914 (i can work on my own cars). I love the style of the olds F-85 and the idea of owning the first production turbo car is appealing smile.gif . I am looking for a running condition car but not a show car (wish i had the money for a nicer condition car). I am having trouble even trying to find one car for sale. I live in central pa. Any one know of a 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire that at least runs (inspected would be great but not required) that is for sale and somewhere near pa? Thanks -Justin [Olds Newbie]

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Total Jetfire production was 3765 1962s and 5842 1963s, and they were subject to a turbo recall program to convert back to 4-barrel NA induction. May not be easy to find an intact one.

I found one on the side of US 220 near Roanoke VA about a year ago, but when I stopped to check it out, someone had transplanted a Mopar 340 into it somehow or other (and I don't even want to know how).

Here's the fun though. They used the 215 Buick aluminum V8 with Olds-specific heads/intake/exhaust. This is the same engine used in Rover/Land Rover to this day, and the Brits have tons of performance upgrades for this engine. So if you can find a good body with all trim in place, it is possible to install a newer turbo EFI Rover engine.

I think I'd go with a 4-speed version if you can find one; that way you don't have the baby Slim Jim HydraMatic to deal with.

And great to find a young guy who knows what a Jetfire is and its significance to the American auto industry. GM hasn't been as technologically adventurous since they introduced the early 60s compacts.

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I have a feeling it will be tough finding one let alone one with the old turbo setup still intact... I just want one that runs with no motor issues to start with and would love a 4 speed but i wont hold my breath... Im just a poor college student looking for a cool, & special car (i love the looks of the jetfire over the corvair corsa). Thanks for your reply! -Justin

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The turbo was found in a farmstead a friend of mine bought. The house, outbuildings and barn were going to get dozed in so they could farm the land. After they bought the land, they realized the buildings were full of 58-70 GM parts. I am a chevy guy and all of the engines were chevy, so he gave them all to me if I loaded them and got them out of the buildings before they dozed. The turbo and intake took about 6 months to identify as I am not an Olds guy. Anyway, here is the lowdown!! The turbo has the pipe going to the exhaust, carb, intake, fuel lines, etc... I do not have the air cleaner or oil tank. It was in the attic and has/had mud dauber wasp nest's in the carb and turbo throats. The turbo does turn, but does not spin freely. I have no idea if this is how they were suppose to be or if it is just tight. I imagine due to it's age, it would all need 100% rebuilt. There is a weld between the turbo inlet and the exhaust outlet. I am located in Southeastern Nebraska. I have only ever seen one other turbo for sale and it was in very rough condition and very dirty and the guy wanted $1295 for it. This one is pretty clean and I started asking $1200 for it due to it's rarity. I had an offer initially for $750 for the carb alone but did not want to separate the rare parts from each other. I would like to get $1000 out of the set up, but may be interested in a GOOD offer. Let me know if you are interested. Pictures were sent to your email and are available to anyone else that has interest. Thanks, Nick

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Here is the first batch of pictures of the interior and engine, I will attach more to the next reply. We are asking $4000.00 OBO. The extra head and turbo I do not have pictures of yet. We have been in the process of moving our shop so I will have to get those later.











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