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1961 Big Car Factory Seat Belts

Mr Riviera

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  • 2 weeks later...

As I recall, most of the factory seat belts back then were termed "aviator" style due to the design of the seat belt buckle's handle latch . . . generally chrome and "lift up to release", as was found on airplanes. Then GM started using the "pushbutton" release buckles in the later 1960s.

I suspect that the style of webbing would be significant. Most of the factory belts were "tight woven" whereas others (even the later auto supply replacement belts) were more "open weave" in comparison. Other distinguishing features would be the male part of the belt's hardware that goes into the buckle . . . a single hole in the metal or a double hole, although webbing width was somewhat standardized back then.

Just some generalized thoughts,


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Hi Dick: I seem to recall that they were lift-up type with a tri-shield emblem on them and maybe a Fisher Body emblem as an alternative. They had a one hole clasp on the other end.

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