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FS 62 Lesabre project

Guest 436'd skylark

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Guest 436'd skylark

I have a very nice 62 Buick Lesabre 4 door hard top project for sale. I'm asking 2500, Trades considered. This car is hands down the most solid old car I have ever seen, Rust is not an issue. this is an excellent foundation for a barret-jackson type resto. here is the story-

I bought the car from a restoration shop. The owner of the car (original owners grandson) hired this guy for the resto. He brought him 2 62 lesabres, told him to make one. Long story short, the kid ran out of money, and gave this guy the title to the car. the resto guy intended to finish the resto and sell the car, but he ran into money/storage problems and sold me the car as is. as soon as I saw it, I had to buy it.

Here is the condition as it sits today. The car had a body off resto started. The frame, suspension have been media blasted, rebuilt, painted and reinstalled. The frame has very minimal pitting. I cannot emphasize how clean this car is. Anyway, the frame/running gear is ready to go.

The body was soda blasted,

the floors were painted with por 15, top and bottom. no patches, no soft spots, aboslutly no rust the body was reinstalled with new bushings.

The doors, fenders, deck lid and hood are all ready for paint. everything is arrow straight, with no rot or rust. this stuff is in finish primer, ready for paint. absolutly perfect pieces.

the inner fender wells and core support are finished, and ready to be bolted on.

The body shell itself was soda blasted, and primed. This is when the kid ran out of money. The car spent some time out side, and surface rust started to come through the primer. no body work has been done to the shell. It does need to come down to bare metal again. however its very solid, with a few spots in the rear window channel, and one spot in the rear quarter in need of attention. I would say about 20 hours worth of work before its ready for paint. it has the two spots I mentioned, but its arrow straight with no dents, dings or rot. Its a fantastic foundation for a 10/10 build.

The interior is complete, with lots of extras. Its dirty, as it sat uncovered in the resto shop. I'm fairly certain everything would clean up ok. Seats are there with no holes. The kid had the radio restored, it looks like new, and should work perfectly.. There is also brand new tinted front and rear glass.

The motor and drivetrain are complete with 60k. The car was running and driving when the kid dropped it off. 401 with a dyna flow. Comes with the extra motor and tranny from the parts car, plus a third tranny. Resto guy says he can't remember if the other car ran or not, but he says that it must have otherwise he wouldn't have saved the engine/trans.

here are some of the extras:

restored set of hubcaps

new weatherstripping

both bumpers and the grill have been rechromed, and are still wrapped up from the chromer

new door handles

extra set of doors, hood and decklid. Boxes of extra parts from the parts car, literally almost 2 of everything.

Owners manual, new decals, sales brochure all included.

There are alot of extras, however I am not guaranteeing it is 100 percent complete. the resto guy insists everything is there, but when a car is in boxes and gets moved 3 times, It makes me nervous that something got lost in the sauce. I don't have the time to go through the boxes and file everything, but there is alot of parts.

the reason I'm selling is a lack of time and space. I already have 2 restos going, with a wallet that can only fund one. The car is located in erie, pa. I can deliver or meet a reasonable distance. Feel free to call- 716-860-6557, pm or respond.

Most of the hard work is done, and alot of the more expensive aspects of a resto have been completed already. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.. Thank you, Joe

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Guest 436'd skylark

here is the only picture I have. unfortunatly the car is in a very dark storage space, with no power and very little sunlight, so decent pictures will be hard to take. Thanks


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