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Replacement Wheel Lock Key


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Hi there, here’s a heads-up. Like most Reatta owners I have the original Key Wrench to remove the Locking Lug Nut on each wheel. One thing that has always annoyed me is having to tear my trunk apart to get to the Key Wrench Nestled alongside the Spare tire. In addition, on a number of occasions over the years a mechanic has forgotten to return the Wrench Key so I had to go back to th shop to retrieve itt. To that end I decided I wanted a spare to keep in my Glove Box for general use thus leave the original in the trunk. My problem was that my original does not have the identifying colored dot on it therefore the dealership could not help me..

The problem has been resolved. ‘Amcor Locks’ is the company that provided the original Reatta Wheel Locks and they are still around. What I did is draw a picture as if one was looking into the Wrench Key; i.e., On the original I measured and documented each increment between notches and drew the picture as a scale model of the actual Wrench Key. From the drawing Amcor was able to determine that my Wrench Key was Z3 Orange (Orange Dot). That’s it.

Obviously you can buy replacement Lug Nuts or entire Wheel Lock and Key Sets as well.

If you want a spare or need a replacement ordering is simple and the cost is only $15.00 + $2.00 Processing + $2.00 Shipping = $19.00.

Here’s how to order: Go to Amcorlocks.com website > Order Parts - Go > Order Individual Replacement Parts (make sure you select Individual) – Go > Select Key Wrench by clicking Add To Cart > Proceed To Checkout > Type in Amcor ID Code (in my case Z3 Orange) > Fill in Billing and Shipping Info > Preview > Complete the Process.

These are excellent folks.

John in Sarasota

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