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1925 Lockheed Wagner Hydraulic Cylinder - Right Sice


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Can anyone help me find an early Lockheed-Wagner Hydraulic Brake Cylinder (right side) for a 1925 Stanley? They were also used on Chryslers and Stutz and Davis among other cars.

I have a broken right cylinder. Here are some pictures of exactly what I am looking for. Yes, I'll buy an entire front end to get the parts I need.

Yes, I'll buy an entire rear end to have extra parts (the cylinders are different on the front and rear).

Does anyone have an original manual for these brakes?

Thanks for your help!

Don Hoke

(972) 661-9672






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Guest Xprefix28truck

If your only problem is the broken mount, I would think any competent welding shop could repair easily. Make sure they know what they are doing. Ask around for the best one. Shouldn't be a problem, and will be as strong as new.

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Everyone who restores antique cars must at least have an oxy-acetylene set. As Kent says, that is how you repair that one, using nickel-bronze filler with "copper/brass" powder flux on the rod, and a neutral or a flame slightly excess in oxygen. Make a jig so placement is exactly correct, and cut or file a V at the joint. The filler wets readily with the flux, and is stronger than the original material. It might be sensible to finally sleeve the cylinder with a stainless steel liner, and your new seals could last till they make Stanleys again.

I wasn't aware that any Stutz used those Rube Goldberg hydraulics, but if so it must have been one of the interim OHV sixes. I have seen them on the very early B model(?) Chryslers, and I am sure Rickenbacker used them as well. Also Duesenberg may have tried them on their very first horizontal valve 8 cyl prototype before they designed their own proper hydraulics for the A model. Ivan Saxton

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