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1925 Lockheed Front Right Brake Cylinder Needed


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Dear Stutz Guys:

Can you help a Stanley Guy? I need a right front Lockheed-Wagner hydraulic wheel cylinder for my 1925 Stanley. Yes, 1925 Stanleys had Lockheed Hydraulic Brakes.

I believe they are the same as the Chrysler, Davis, and Stutz brakes.

Here are some pictures.

Thanks very much!

Don Hoke






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Hi Don,

I have just posted a similar photo on the A-C-D site in "Pictures" - my 1925/26 Auburn 4-44 has exactly the same brake system! I live in Australia and am having a devil of a time trying to find some rubber seals for my 4 brakes. (My 4-44 Auburn has all 4 hydraulic brakes). Unfortunately I do not have any spare brakes otherwise you could have it. Sorry.


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Dear Bruce: Are you looking for the exterior seals around the opening or for the interior seals for the cylinder? I had no trouble finding them at my local brake shop.

American Power Brake & Clutch

652 W. Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX 75247

(214) 350-5611

Ask for BJ and tell him you have the same brakes as the Stanley Steamer guy. He can send you the kits.

Best wishes!

Don Hoke

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