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F/S My weekly look at Craigs List Offerings

Guest BJM

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I hardly ever go to ebay anymore...


You could probably pick the above 76 Riviera up for less then $2000 easy. These 74-76 Rivieras are underrated IMO.


No photos but if it has a way to prove it's heritage this is a great muscle car.


Car likes oil but what old car doesn't.


Someone should grab that wagon. Last year for this body style, with the aluminum high end Buick mag for the year, what looked like a nice color, still runs and drives. $500.


This is my shoebox Buick I want to drop a 455 into. This car has been advertised on CL for about 7 months at least so price is negotiable.


For the 62 Wagon lover.


Needs road wheels and a new home.

This just goes to show that for about $10,000 you could buy 3-6 old Buicks with some to enjoy now and the rest to restore. I dodn't even include the ones I posted last week.

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