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I am just about done moving the AACA local sites to the new server. They should go live by Sunday or Monday. (April 12,13)

At that time I will email webmasters with their new Frontpage login info.

For those that want it I can also provide FTP access.


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If you have a spam filter, check your junk mail.

I have my email set to keep the email on the server for 24 hours after my email program downloads my emails. Peter sent my U/N P/W I believe monday afternoon but I didn't know anything about it until I checked my email online at lunch Tuesday from work. When I came home, I couldn't find the email. finally found it in the junk mail.

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Hi Steve,

I do the Watchung Chapter for the NJ Region (which I also do). I have received the NJ Region password but nothing for the Watchung Chapter site. It is used very little but I would like to be able to update it to delete the old flea market held in March.

Forwarded to Pat.

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