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North Texas Chapter meeting photos

Pete Phillips

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Pete- While surfing the website I came upon your pictures. Is this the N. Texas Buick Club meeting? If so how can I find out more information? I would like to participate but can't seem to find anyone still active here in the Dallas area.


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Send an email to ntbuick.memdir@hotmail.com. Robert "Obie" Obenaur is our chapter's membership director, and he will get you the information you need. We have about 50 members and meet every month.

Paul, the butterscotch car has dark brown trim, and is a 1932 model 91 (I'll pause to allow you to catch your breath!) owned by Rex Denny, who was our host that day. It's a beauty. I've worked on that car a few times.

Charles, the white '59 is indeed Ed Logan's stick-shift LeSabre from Rowlett. If all goes well, you will see it in Colorado Springs in July.

Pete Phillips

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Hi Pete,

You seem pretty active within AACA so perhaps you can lead me in the right direction. I first noticed your group while driving past Frosty's in Denton. I saw several beautiful classic cars and set about trying to find the organization responsible.

I'm getting married this summer and I have my heart set on having a wedding picture with a classic car. I've always loved the image of a bride and groom through the window of an antique car and since I'm marrying for keeps I figure this is my only shot!

If you know of anyone who would be willing to help make this dream come true, I would be incredibly grateful! Since I'm staying at the hotel I'll be married at, I don't actually need to use the car for anything other than a picture.I even have some money set aside for anyone who would be willing to make this happen.

Thanks for your time (and the lovely pictures)!


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