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what car is this

Guest 1930

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Thanks alot, I have that same book, ( assuming the picture is from the Dodge story ) it is confusing to me all the different models offered.

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I have the book called the Dodge story by Thomas Mcpherson but am still hoping that someone can give me a better explanation ( in child like terms ) the different models of vehicles Dodge offered between maybe 28 and 30. I write pretty good but my reading comprehension is poor. Thanks for any help.

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Guest Backyardmechanic

Hello Jason,

Well here it goes if i'm missing somthing please correct me:

The first 6 cylinder that the Dodge Brothers(DB'S) was the Senior 6 was interduce on May6,1927,This car has wood framing and a 6 cylinder engine design by the DBer's and built by Continial engine works.I have read that the reason DBer's farm out this engine is that there were no molds to cast the 6 cylinder block nor heads.The Senior 6 has a 116 inch wheel base.This was to be the top of the Dodge Brothers line car.There were two model s of the senior 6 model 2251 and the more sporter 2249 with wire wheels and side mounts stadard equipt.

The Victory 6 was interduced on January 7 1928 the victory models are know as 130-131 the 131 would be the sport model

The victory engine was built in house this engine was share with the standard 6 and with a few updates was install in the 29/30 DA.The senior 6 victory 6 and the DA 6 came with hyd. brakes but not the standard 6 which was fitted with machinal brakes.

The standard 6 know as the 140/141was induced in March 1928 has the same engine and drive line as the Victory 6 bUT was fitted with the machinal brakes same as the fast 4( this is belive to be as the farm boy of the time didn't trust hyd. brakes)

Don't think the fast 4 and the Standard 6 share many other parts I do know that running boards and wheel base are different.

I will not go on with the DA 6 as I feel that you allready know that model.

This is all I can tell you for sure as I haven't study the dB's in the 30's Hope some one else can help both of us here.

Until next time,


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Thats great Vern, alot of info i did not know, hard to believe that they would farm out that motor but then again the brothers had long since passed away so there prob. was no real sense of get er done within the company.

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Still looking into this and found that the senior Victory and fast four engines were all chain driven Gen. Is that true and does anyone know when the senior engine went to belt driven Gen. ( I am assuming it did later on but unsure ) I am assuming this I guess as DA was belt driven and I thought the motors were nearly the same.

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