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50 Commodore...worth saving?


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Hello all...I was following up on a lead about a different oldie and came across a 50 Commodore 2dr, stick o/d (no Twin-H) that that I need some information about. I collect Kaiser Frazer built cars and have dabbled in Hudsons in the past. My question is to whether this thing is worth saving. As I mentioned, it's a 50, stick trans and is mostly complete. The downside is that it sat in a leaky garage that caused the front sheet metal to rot badly. The front frame, firewall, rocker channels and center of the floor pan are all good. Doors are solid and open/close nicely. The outer front floors are rotted. Wish I had pix to post but don't have my camera with me at the moment.

I was able to get the doors open and the seats are there but the material is torn up badly. Good dash with great chrome.

I also looked underneath and didn't see anything to cause too much concern...aside from the aforementioned rust issues.

Is there any interest in the car? I'd like to see it sell to someone who can do something with it...it'll need alot of work...or part it out. Let me know what you think. I'm thinking somewhere near $1000 and it will have a new owner. Have clear title. I can get pictures for those interested. Thanks!

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You might want to post that message over at the Hudson club's forum, at http://www.classiccar.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=13 . It would certainly be worth salvaging as a parts car, if nothing else. The weak spot on these cars is the rear perimeter frame (behind the rear wheels) so if it is solid back there, it is worth saving for the frame alone. The overdrive and possibly the 8-cylinder engine are definitely worth saving. As to the price, I'm not sure...you might want to pose this question at the Hudson forum.

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Guest Orphanauto

Hi Jim, Cars that were not considered worth keeping awhile back are now, so.. prehaps get it and a future project, or for a hudson guy. The Hudsons usually rustb out around the rocker panels, so if this one is nice, I think I would get it. I had a 53 hornet, but it had a pontiac engine, so I didn't like it, I prefer all original. But in my humble opinion, don't let it be crushed, if that's the othter option if you don't get it.

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