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WTB 66 ' Toronado Tech Help & Parts Wish List

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Hi Guys,sure could use your help in finishing the restoration of this one.


1. Looking for a stock passenger's side front fender manual or power radio antenna. Should be clean, operational and at a reasonable price.

2. Headlight switch same condition.

3. A pair of decent door sill plates.

4. Clean and clear dash lenses.

5. A pair of plastic/grille headlight covers.

Tech Stuff;

6. A blown up paper version of the headlight vacumn circuit.

7. A blown up paper version of the dash wiring schematic.

Any help or direction (links) would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a 67 Olds chassis service manual thats in pieces. I use it in my shop for a reference when I work on the Cutlasses. The back half of the manual is for the Toronado and I don't need that part. I will send you that part of the manual if that helps. It has a schematic of the headlight vacumn and wiring your looking for. If you want it, send me your mailing address and I'll ship it out to you.


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Hi Tom,

thanks for responding. I have 1966 Service manual and it sounds like yours is in the same falling apart condition as mine. What is missing in mine is that headlight vacumn line route. I could also use the dash wiring schematic and 3. the engine vacumn and electrical wiring schematic. So 4-6 color pages copied would work, or let me know what you would like $ wise for the back half of your manual.

My zip is 85326

Have a Happy Easter and a great and safe week.


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