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33 buick tailights??

Guest 40series

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Guest Juergen


I have exact the same taillights on my 1933 Serie 66S , one with the bracket for the number plate.

Regards from germany


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Guest utahriviera

You can find out at Taillightking.com, I found some tail lights for a 1942-1948 buick road master in my garage and did,nt know what they were until I stumbled on to that site, now if I just knew how to post them for sale.

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I just spent some time looking through the parts manuals on tail lamp brackets. 1932 the left and right brackets are the same with stamped metal mounting brackets for the license plate holder and the Buick badge holder. There are 2 different lengths however. The long bracket (6 1/2 inches on Centerline) is used on 1932-58, 68, 90, 90L, and 95. All other models use the shorter bracket (4 3/4 inches on centerline).

In 1933, The left tail lamp bracket is the same for all models. On the right side, there is the one with the badge holder cast on as an integral part and for some strange reason, If side mounts are on the car, there is a different right rear bracket without the badge bar piece.

I do have a 33 right rear with badge bar for sale. email me in private if you are interested.


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Guest outlaw car man

They appear to be exactly like the ones on my 1933 90 , especially the one for the license plate bracket.

If you have sidemounts, the right has no extension for the Buick logo mount, so these would be for a 1933 Buick with sidemounts.


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