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1954 mercury front x member replacement

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My front x member behind the rad is rotted and i need to replace it.There is no engine or trans in the car. I need to rebuild the frt end so should replace the x -member first?I dont have a torch but i have a 220v mig welder and grinder with grinding wheelS so i can cut out the x member.I will also have to cut the gussets from the x-member and reweld them.Has anyone ever done this? Thanks Mike

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Guest simplyconnected

You need a torch. This is a very commonly replaced part (I did mine last year). Actually, I made my own crossmember out of 3" angle iron and a bed frame. I patterned the original for hole depth & locations, and I inserted 1" pipe nipples inside the bolt holes. This is a very good time to replace all your worn bushings, bumpers, and ball joints.

Put jack stands under the frame with the wheels off the ground, then remove tires. Do one side at a time. If your "A" arms are still attached, remove your shocks. Put a scissors jack under the "A" arm, remove the lower ball joint, and lower until the spring comes out. (You shouldn't need a spring compressor for any part of this job.) Then unbolt the lower arm. Keep track of the shims that come out, and where they came from. I like taking lots of pictures. You will be glad you did, upon assembly.

Leave the gussets, and torch off the #1 crossmember from the frame.

New crossmembers are available (on eBay) for about $300.

Let me refer you to my site for further instructions:

Dave's '55 Ford Front Suspension

I hope this helps. Be careful. Suspension work is bull work, and not for the faint-hearted. You can do it, and I'm sure it will turn out very nice. If you have any questions, please ask. - Dave Dare

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