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1910 Maxwell

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Hello all, I have recently acquired a 1910 model AA from my Gramps who started to restore the car 20 years ago and purchased it 50 years ago. its was in many pieces and I am making great strides to re-assemble but I need help . the car is currently fire red but under the vehicle tags the color is a much deeper red almost burgundy. what colors were offered ? I will post some pics in the next few days . its an amazing car that as a kid I sat in and and now have the task of putting this gem back together and get my hero my Gramps in a parade as he has never herd this beauty run .

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According to James Zordich's article in the HCCG, the 1910 AA was red. 1910 paint was often lacquer, which ages and changes color. So the original tone is likely to be the best protected from the elements, but not necessarily. Also, Maxwells were sometimes special painted.

You can find a pdf of Maxwell specs on my site, www. maxwell-messenger.info, along with other information.

Good luck with your reassembly.

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