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Dumb A/C question


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Just never needed to do it before but how do you remove the blue cap from the low side R-134a a/c fitting. Looking at a spare it looks more complicated than just unscrewing and my adapter has a push on connection.

So how do you remove the blue cap ? I do not want to apply a lot of force without knowing, none of my FSMs are that new. and Google was not being friendly.

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And done. As Harry says there is a stud in the middle of the cap that screws into the end of the adaptor. Unscrew the blue plastic cap <span style="font-style: italic"><span style="font-weight: bold">not the metal adapter </span></span>. This reveals the slip-on fitting.

The blue plastic cap should have an O-ring inside to seal the schraeder valve. I popped a little grease on the surface before putting back just because I do. It is important to replace the cap when done.

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