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Bearcat photo needed


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I am editor at the Florida Times-Union, the daily newspaper in Jacksonville.

Every year we run a big tournament in the paper and on our Web site, jacksonville.com. It's patterned after the NCAA men's basketball tourney, with brackets and seeds and the like.

This year, we're celebrating Detroit Iron with a tournament to determine the Coolest American Car Ever. 64 classics will be in the field

I need a couple of good, high-resolution photos of a Bearcat (1914, preferably) that I can use in print and online. I need 200 dpi, about 10 inches wide, in order to have the photo reproduce well in the paper. Specifically, I'm looking for a 3/4 view that shows the front and side of the car, plus any detail shots of cool features. I can't just snatch a photo from the internet because of copyright issues.

Is there someone in your club who can help me out?

Also, please feel free to pass on the word about the tournament to your club members. Anyone can vote and it's free. It's scheduled to Sunday, April 26, on jacksonville.com, and will run every Wednesday and Sunday for seven rounds.

Tom Szaroleta

Assistant Lifestyle Editor

The Florida Times-Union

One Riverside Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32202

(904) 359-4548


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