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Kingston carburetor original prints

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Kingston prints

Some 30 years ago we acquired 1000’s of prints of original Kingston carburetor drawings. It took us 30 years to get the information from all of these prints that we needed to manufacture carburetor kits. Now we are offering these prints for sale.

Prints are in several sizes: 8 ½ x 11; 11 x 17; 17 x 24; 24 x 36; and 36 x 48. All prints larger than 8 ½ x 11 have been folded.

These prints were printed in the 1930’s. Some are better than others. All are useable.

We are sorting prints by make of vehicle. Thus ALL Aultman & Taylor prints will be sold in one lot; ALL Allis Chalmers prints will be sold in one lot; ALL Ford prints will be sold in one lot………….you get the picture. We will not sell individual prints nor will we make copies. If a lot is sold, its sold!

Pricing will depend on quantity and desirability of prints per lot.

We have prints for the following makes:

Acme, Advance Rumely, Air-Tight, Albaugh-Dover, Albert Lea, Alberta Foundry, Allis Chalmers, American, American Harvester, Andrews, Arrow, Associated, Atlas, Aultman & Taylor, Austin, Avery;

Bailor, Baker, Baldwin, Bates, Beeman, Belt Rail, Bessemer, Besser, Bethlehem, Blumberg, Boring, Briggs & Stratton, Brillion, Buckeye, Buda, Buffalo Springfield, Buick, Bull, Bullard, Bullock;

C.H.E., C.O.D., Canadian, Carlisler-Finch, Carson, Case, Caterpillar, Chandler, Charter, Chase, Chevrolet, Chief, Cletrac, Clifton, Climax, Coleman, Columbus, Common Sense, Commonwealth, Continental, Cushman;

Dart, Dauch, Dayton-Dick, Denning, Dill, Disappearing, Dixieland, Dodge, Doman, Dort;

Eagle, Electric Wheel, Elgin, Eli Bridge, Elmwood, Enterprise, Erd, Essex, Evinrude;

Fairbanks-Morse, Fairmont, Farm Horse, Farquhar, Fate-Root-Heath, Fay & Bowen, Ferro, Field, Fisher, Flour City, Ford, Fordson, Foreman, Four Drive, Fox River, Frick, Frisbie, Fulton;

G.M.C., Galion, Gas Engine, Gehl Brothers, General Ordance, Gile, Gilson, Gleaner, Golden & Belknap, Goould & Shapley, Graham Brothers, Grain Belt, Gray;

Hackny, Hall Gas, Hall Scott, Hamilton, Harley Davidson, Hart-Parr, Haynes, Hercules, Hershell Spillman, Hess, Hession, Hinckley, Hoke, Holland, Holt, Holten, Huber, Hume, Humphrey, Huron;

I.H.C., Ideal, Illinois, Imperial, Indiana, Ingersoll-Rand;

Jackson, Jacobson, John Millen;

Kalamazoo, Kardell, Kemp, Kermath, Kewanee;

Lacrosse, Lang, Lausen, Lawson, Lawton, Leader, Leonard, LeRoi, Lincoln Electric, Line Drive, Little, Little Giant, Lockwood Ash, Long Island, Lyons-Atlas;

M & S Steel, Mason, Massey-Harris, Maxwell, McIntyre, Michigan, Midland, Midwest, Meteor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mitchell, Moline, Monarch, Muncie Gear, Muncie Wheel;

National, National Brake, Nelson, New Britton, New Era, New Hoe, Nichols & Shepherd, Nilson;

Oldsmobile, Onan, Overland;

Paige, Palmer, Pan, Parret, Parrott, Pedelty, Peerless, Phelps, Pioneer, Pittsburg, Pittsburg-Elgin, Plano, Pontiac, Port Huron, Post, Post-Whitney, Power & Mining;

R & P, Railway, Redwing, Reed Foundry, Regal, Reliable, Republic, Robb Engineering, Roberts, Rock Island Plow, Ross Carrier, Royer Insilage, Russell;

S.W.H, Samson, Sawyer-Massey, Schloterback, Scripps, Shelby, Short Turn, Simplex, Sinclair, Spears & Wells, St. Paul Foundry, Standard, Standing Grain, Star, Stearns, Sterling, Stinson, Stone, Strite, Studebaker, Sweeney, O. E. Szekely;

Topp Stewart, Toro, Tracford, Traction, Traffic, Traylor, Trenam, Triumph, Turner;

U.S. Tractor, U.S. Government, Union, United, Universal;

Van Blerck, Velie, Vim;

Waite, Waterloo, Waterman, Waukesha, Wellman & Seiver, Western Dry Dock, Western Austin, George D. Whitcomb, Whitman, Wichita, Wiederholt, William Goldie, William Kemp, Willys, Wilson, Wisconsin, Wise, Wolverine

Please call to discuss – telephone 573-392-7378 (9-4 central time). Remember – first come, first served.


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