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Guest Hinckley

The Route 66 Association of Kingman has kicked off an ambitious and costly project. Their plan is to create a neon park in the cities historic district.

Their first endeavor is restoration of a beautiful, towering circa mid 1930s Packard sales & service sign. Once refurbished the sign will be hung at its original location along Route 66 on the front of the Old Trails Garage.

This garage is an interesting artifact in itself. It dates to 1910 and has served as the repair facility for Chadwick, Cadillac La Salle, and Jeep franchises.

In 1914 this garage was utilized by several of the participants in the Desert Classic Cactus Derby, a grueling and obscure race that counted Louis Chevrolet and Barney Oldfield among the drivers.

The non profit Route 66 Association of Kingman is looking for donations to assist in the resurrection of this artifact. They have also launched a membership drive. The president, Tim McDonnell, can be reached at 928-377-9684.

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