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Hello again, My radiator is shot. Need a new one for A 1929 DBDA 6. I dodn't care if it's original looking or not. This is a daily driver not a show car.My radiator man can get one but he says it's $2000 plus. Surely you guys know something he doesn't. Someday maybe I'll have the answers to some one elses questions. Thanks again. Bob

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Guest Trunk Rack

that sounds way too high. radiator shops can get cores made up in just about any dimension. An "expert" would be able to spot the differences in the fins and tube layout- but so what?

Are the top and or bottom "tanks" gone, and have to be hand-fabricated ? Is that where the additional expense is ? I would think $700-900 would cover a new core made to the same dimensions.

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Try the Filling Station

They sell honey comb cores for old Chevys. Kinda pricey, about $975 before shipping. I'm willing to bet if you give them the deminsions of your core they can get one for you. I bought one for my 26 several years ago and it's very good, although I waited a long time to get it.

If that's too pricey for you put in a modern core for about $2-300.

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