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What Class? Prototype Jeep


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. If I were you, I would call headquarters and ask them for an answer to this question. I am sure they could point you in the right direction. If you want to listen to a non-expert's guess...

If it has a 6 cylinder engine I would probably go with 28d.

28d. Ford vehicles 6 cyl. and V-8. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1941 – 1948

If it has a 4 cylinder engine, as I suspect, My best guess would be one of these two classes:

22b. Commercial vehicles, load capacity

under 1 ton (d) . . . . . . . . . 1928 – 1942

37a. Professional vehicles (n). Through 1942

Just remember, this is just my best non-qualified guess...

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It can't be in class 20e because it is made by Ford, which is excluded from class 20e.

It can't be in class 26 because it is too early a year.

I was scratching my head and could only come up with 22b and really stretching to think of possibly 37a.

It is a strange one, which is why I suggest calling for an "official" ruling.

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37a is limited to ambulances, funeral vehicles, taxis,police cars and other 2-wheel AUTOMOBILE BASED vehicles. Clearly not a fit. I would say it has to be 22b assuming it is a 4 cylinder. No category for a 4 cylinder 1941 Ford production vehicle that I can find. Not sure being a prototype has any meaning in this context.

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Thanks for the responses. I agree with Class 22b. BUT I have not yet received any official word from HQ. I'll let you the "Final Answer".

It is a 4 cyl. engine by the way. Actually a slightly modified Ford 9N tractor engine.



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I just took my '44 MB (in full military colors) to the Charlotte Spring Meet and they put me in Class 22C - Commercial Vehicles under 1 ton 1943 to 1966. Not a problem except I was in with a mess of pickup trucks from the 50's and 60's which made no sense at all. Given that, I would agree that 22B is where they would have you....but AACA really needs a military class for WWII!


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I would suggest writing to the VP of Class judging and let him know you would like to see a military class. Point out valid reasons. I'm not sure how they came equipped but I do know that on pickups you don't find spare water can, gas cans, shovels, machine guns, etc. plus they were not really intended for the same road use as a passenger car, pickup truck or even a semi.

Vice President – Class Judging

Joseph S. Vicini

3 Robins Nest Drive

Perrineville, NJ 08535

BTW, saw your Jeep at Charlotte. Very nice.

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Well here is the official word from HQ. They say Class 22C.

BUT I plan on registering in Class 22B, as I believe someone misunderstood the year.

I agree with the comments about a military class, BUT like any other class there are numerous and unusual characteristics.

Thanks guys,


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Guest austincar6

Now the true "Prototype Jeep", Is the BRC made by American Bantam. You may have what Ford conceited a prototype, Which is basically the same as a BRC.

See Ford, American Bantam,and Willys where giving spec. to buld an car like vehicle by the U.S. Gov.

Bantam came up with the Blue prints first and sent them to the Gov. The Gov. gave the Blue prints to the other Co. to look off of. In hope that it would get them move along faster.

While the other where trying to get they copy Jeep made. Bantam changed some thing to help the BRC do better and won the test put on by the Gov. The problem with Batman Co. There were not a lot of people working there at the time and the factory was small. So the U.S. Gov. thought it would be better to have Ford and Willys make the BRC. Which also mint that Bantam lost there right to the Blue Prints. So in that confusion some how Ford and Willys where considered the makers.

So the next time you hear someone say that Ford or Willys made the first jeep you can tail them that Bantam made it, and its real name is BRC.

I know that this is the judging part of the form, but the story need to be put out there.

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