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Help on altanator mounting


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not real sure if anyone can help but the bracket for alt is not mounted right not sure if i even have all the parts, the moter is a 1970or71 383 chrysler I do know that the slide should be at the top but some one had it at the bottom along with one mount for the ac and it does not mount to the block so the alt keeps sliding I turned the slid around but still no place to attatch it to the block. anyone have any ideas. havent found any pictures to look at yet.



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Guest Plymouthy

I was thinking the slide mount affixed to the botton, the through bolt pivot point is not mounted to the head but to an extension piece that bolts to the head nearer the top inside just below the intake corner..

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that may right and all i am missing is the extension piece because right along side the heater hose there is a bolt hole. I do have piece made up which will connect both the lower ac and alt bracket. which should hold everything tight. worked at a chrysler dealership since the 70s but just cant for the life of me remember how the brackets run. guess its been too long. I'll try my bracket and see how it works. thanks for the help.

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