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Reaction to Metz Meeting in Waltham


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Though I didn't attend it myself, I heard the Metz Meeting at the Waltham Museum went well. It dealt mainly with the history of the Metz. There were several Metz owners present who exchanged information. An enthusiastic Metz couple stopped here on their way home to see my car. I learned as much or more from them as they from me! I think we now need a "mechanical" get-together where we can see several cars, learn how they work and how to best approach their restoration. The Waltham Museum has several Metz cars, but they are in storage due to limited space. We now have a "new generation" of Metz owners trying to figure out how to get the darn things on the road and how to restore them accurately. The '50s restorations we see now were different from what people strive for today, I think. The trick is to do the work while we are still enthusiastic and without repeating each other's errors!

Particularly interesting to me is exact specs on the oft-missing parts of the Metz cars: the chain cases, motor apron (the pan underneath the engine and friction drive), side curtains, etc. Also, copies of the various I.D. plates, etc. I got a photograph of the motor and transmission covers (see below). Perhaps, if someone has some good ones, we good make templates to copy them. This involves simply pressing some lightly sticky plastic sheeting on the original parts and using that as a template to cut out new sheet metal, then forming the shapes just as body parts are formed. I know some metal forming guys that might assist there.




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As mentioned at our recent Waltham Transportation - Metz Automobile gathering at the Waltham Museum we would like to announce for our group here a very special event owners of vehicles built in Waltham, Massachusetts will gather at the Waltham Museum on July 11, 2009 as we display Walthan Museum vehicles and those that are privately owned for the general public and discuss their value to the City of Waltham.

For those who missed it, Al Arena will present his history lecture on the Metz Automobile and historian Gerry Beals will present the Marsh-Metz Brockton, Ma. connection. Please email us at metzauto@gmail.com

if you are planning to bring your Waltham made automobile, motorcycle or bicycle.

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