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Straight 8 Compression??

Guest Duanesk

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Guest Duanesk

Can anyone tell me what the acceptable cranking compression numbers are for a 1953 263 straight 8? I just picked up a used engine and I'm trying to figure out it's condition. The numbers I got ranged from 105 - 120lbs. The engine was cold when tested as it's not in a car at the moment.



BCA #43493

1946 Super Conv.

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Guest simplyconnected

Duane, I don't have specifics for you. I can say two things:

* Those numbers look REAL GOOD.

* Compression is only meaningful as a relationship. If you listed your compression tests for each cylinder on a sheet of paper, one through eight, not only would you see the spread (very important), you should also see a wear-trend. An engine can have very low compression and still run smooth if all cyl's were close in compression.

A 13% spread is very acceptable.


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