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WTB: Inside Door Handle for Series 10

Steve Braverman

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A photo of one would give me something to look for at the Portland, Oregon swap meet this weekend coming up. It's one of the largest swap meets in the northwest. If you want, you can email me a photo of the handle like the one you need and I will look for one.



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Chrysler made beautiful parts catalogs. That may sound strange, but I used to write illustrated parts catalogs for a living, and so I appreciate the work that goes into them. How they made these things before computers is beyond my comprehension.

I'm sure there are quite a few out there for 1931 Dodge, if I can find one for 1917-25 Franklin.

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The problem is that Dodge never really made a book like that for the 1931s. I have searched for years. The Chrysler parts books are GREAT for numbers and mechanical parts photos and drawings, but to my knowledge, never made a detailed trim catalog.

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