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Engine lift brackets

Garry Phelps

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Does anyone have a picture of a good engine lift bracket? I am finally ready to put my engine back in and I want to be careful not to scratch paint on the engine or the car. The engine is fully assembled except for the fan but I'll do what is necessary to make a safe bracket to lift by! Thanks in advance,GP

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This may not be a big help to you, but I made these brackets from an old pair of motor mounts. The bolt hole spacing fits exactly between 2 of the studs.

Obviously, this is a partially disassembled engine being removed from a junk 1941 Zephyr. For an assembled engine you wouldn't need the long spacers and you could pad the part that contacts the head with some pieces of an old inner tube.

Be sure to pad the fenders a LOT!




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David, thanks for sharing the info on the lift bracket. The single point center lift would allow for easier "tilting" and "rotating" during installation. The extra length and weight of the V12 might make the "balance" a little tricky? Gotta build me one of those.

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Guest Arick

I found a set of lift brackets off a 351C to work great on the HV12. They can be put under a few of the stud nuts, and moved around if necessary. Works best with the manifold removed just to ensure none of the fragile stuff gets hurt.

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