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At last, I can post pics.


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ACCKKK! There's something wrong with your garage Mob, it's not cluttered with 'stuff'! grin.gif

The unmistakeable impound/towing yard grease pencil, that stuff clings tenaciously doesn't it frown.gif

Whatch'a doing with the valve cover off? I can see the axle rebuilding going on...


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Here is where I am with the current repairs, and a couple of photos.

I recently replaced the CV boot on the passenger side, and that went pretty well. Cleaned out all of the old grease and it actually looked very good.

I currently have the axle out in order to gain additional access to the exhaust to remove the head so that i can replace the gasket.

A couple of additional pics




If you could see my basement, that would more than makeup for how clean the garage is. Also, it is only 2 years old and still in the process of being finished off.....

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Ah yes, I forgot about your HG replacement thread wink.gif Absolute classic case of a 'blown' HG, see how clean the #1 piston is? The water jacket in the back corner or the block on that side causes a 'comprimise' in the gasket sealing area, look at the old one closely before you throw is away (in fact, I keep mine for years to refer back to them ;)) and you'll see where it is erroded away in that coolant passage area. You'll also want to CLOSELY inspect the fire rings (shiny metal innermost part of the circles that form the bore) to see if any of them are out of shape, separated, out or round or otherwise less than perfect. It could indicate a bigger problem. I don't recall exactly from the other thread, are you going to have the head 'gone thru' while its off? Valve job/seals? Decked to be flat? Some porting maybe cool.gif Free power AND milage with some well place cutting...


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