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FS 1946 Buick 2 door Sedanette

Guest BJM

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Uh guys, this was about ready to drop off Minneapolis Craigs List. Honest 1946 2 door Sedanette in straight condition.

You know I shouldn't say this but I have this love hate relationship with GOD. GOD tempts some folks with booze, others with sex, and various other vices.

Me? I have plenty of old Buicks and one Chrysler lined up for plenty of years and I get on Craigs List in two nearby states over Saturday morning coffee and GOD puts at least 4 old Buicks on Craigs List just to drive me nuts. Thanks GOD.

On a more - uhm realistic note - this does show that old projects are coming out of the woodwork perhaps due to the poor economy.

Now I am going to MASS to prey for the gift of Buicks.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Jake, are you sure you're blaming the right one for making you cruise CL.For me it's the other guy, and generally God that steps in and says "MrEarl, what about this months mortgage payment, car loan and groceries".... and it's not coffee I'm having when I always get in trouble. It's that red stuff in the long stemmed glass....

Paul, Paul, Paul, who do you think you're kiddin. We know you've got plenty more room and a few hundred miles ain't ever stopped you from buying another deal like this....GO FOR IT.or Pete or SOMEBODY.

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My sister lives just a few miles from the 1946 Buick. I asked my brother-in-law to go look at it and take pictures. It wasn't a hard sell because he's in the BCA, always willing to help other BCA members, and needed something to get him away from the farm. Here are a few pictures. It is a Super model 56-S.






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Did your brother in law have any impressions of the sellers and the car? How about you?

It's a typical Minnesota car, needing rust repair, but so rare and I think there are a lot of 46 Buick fans (42/46) on the forum, not to mention the 47/48 fans.

I did a reverse search on the phone number and here is the contact/address-->

Bandow & Sons - View Detail

Mailing Address:

7541 Hwy #27

Wahkon, MN 56386

Shipping Address:

7541 Hwy #27

Wahkon, MN 56386

Phone: (320) 495-3939

Contact: Jerry Bandow

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My brother-in-law knows the guy and told me he is trust worthy. It is a salvage yard. There is no title. My impressions....with the abilities and facilities I have, it is too much for me. It appears the car has been sitting on the ground for many years, just eating away at anything it came in contact with. It does start and move when you put it in gear, but the brakes are not working and the gas tank is shot. They ran it with an external gas can. It will be a decent project car for anyone with the right ambition and a fist full of money.

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