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Parts needed for 29 Roadster


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I just got a 29 Roadster brought in to my shop to do a resto-mod to. It will be as original as possible on the outside, but he wants a V8 and auto trans installed. Just about all of the wood in the body is rotted away so I will be making new parts for it or we have even discussed fabricating an inner frame from steel.

I am going to be in need of some of the outside trim items, top bows or patterns for them (even a photo to give me some direction on how they were made!!!). I have been doing a lot of internet searching and every time I type in DeSoto and hit enter...... the internet laughs at me!!

I am missing the rear door jamb on the left door and the door latch also.... is this available anywhere or am I getting ready to get the hammer out?

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Guest martylum

Hi-I've restored 2 1930 Desoto roadsters and can help you with new top bows-I had some extra sets made in steam-bent oak when I had mine duplicated. also have some hardware items for the top including all the hardware attaching the front bow to the windshield post-if your car is missing the front bow you'll also be missing this hardware.

the 1929 and 1930 Desoto roadsters have a great many identical parts as bodies and chassis were the same both years including the coach-built wood framed bodies.

We've driven ours on Tours for a number of years and found it a pleasant driver but a bit hot in the Summer temps as there are no cowl vents.

Get in touch with a PM for info on the bows and other parts.

Martin Lum

see oldercar.com for a picture of my restored Desoto roadster

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