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Tonneau cover for ragtop?

Guest wally888

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Any boat shop should be able to make one for you, the problem is where to put the snaps. Might be able to use velcro instead of snaps but is not going to look very good when not in place.

Best ones will have a zipper so can only open the driver's side and leave the rest in place.

Might be possible to trap with the hard cover in the back and hook the window opening on the sides but still leaves the problem of fastening in the front.

If we can figure it out, I'd like one.

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Guest CL_Reatta

Why would someone want a Tonneau for a reatta when it already has the "built in" one?

I dont have a reatta convert, so please dont be harsh if the question seems stupid

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From Wikipedia

"In the post-World War II era the term has come to refer to the area behind the front seats of an open car (a convertible or roadster). The term tonneau cover is sometimes used for a hard or soft cover that encloses the well for the convertible top and/or the rear seating/storage area"

"Optional tonneau covers were once available for open sport cars such as the MGA and Austin Healy 3000. These covers, made of leather or vinyl, covered the entire passenger compartment, and were zippered to enable the driver's seating area to be uncovered, while the passenger seat and small rear storage space remained covered. These were often used in lieu of a hard or soft convertible top."

See here for picture and description.

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