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Steering Column Lockplate Installation - 1987 Riviera

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My 87 Riv had a problem with the ignition lock, so thought I would go into the column and fix it. It turned out to be the cog at the end of the ignition lock had fallen off the end, and therefore did not engage with the rack. It was a simple fix, just reattached and I used a center punch to secure the cog to the lock.

I have unfortunately not had any luck getting the lockplate and split ring retainer re-installed. Using the lockplate tool to compress the lockplate, I get it only just flush with the beginning of the recess in the shaft meant for the split ring.

I am doing this with the column still attached to the car.

In the process, I have damaged the turn signal switch spring loaded tangs three times.

I must say that I am a little sick of this exercise and am thinking that I may have missed something.. Could I have the upper bearing race put together in the wrong way?

Any suggestions really appreciated.

I have posted in the Reatta discussion hoping there may be expertise there.

Thanks in advance. I reaaly want to get the car on the road again!

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