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Can anybody help me with attachments. I have some pictures of the 1932 or 34 I found for sale and I like to put them on the form but as hard as I try I just can't do it. So if some of you had the time to teach this 65 year young man I will put them on the site.

I'm a great BUICK day.


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First make sure your pictures are resized to a workable size. A common mistake made is loading huge pictures which requires users to scroll right to see. Sorry if you already know this but I wanted to mention it because its common to over look the size before posting.

A pixel size of around 540x412 +/- 30 seems to work pretty well in a post. Standard resize pixels are 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 448x336. You can use anything in between as long as you keep the same aspect ratio of the original picture of width and height. If you aren't sure how to resize it will depend what software you use. If you use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, which is a common default program that pictures open with, do the following. Open your picture, right click and select "edit" which will open to the Paint editor, then click on the "image" tab to open the drop down box, then click "attributes" and it will list the current pixels. Just type in what you want it to be; example 540x412 and select "OK".

Mircosoft Office Picture Manager is another popular editing package that is common. Whatever package you use the process is similar, you just have to figure out how to resize it first.

Once the size is right and you start your, "New Topic", down below the text box where you type your message you will see "File Manager". Click on it then select "browse" This will allow you to browse through the pictures on your PC. When you find the one you want select it by double clicking, then click "add file" to the right. Repeat this process for each picture you want to psot. When done, click "Done Adding Files" at the bottom and thats it.

Here is another hint. Most digital cameras default to take high resolution pictures which require resizing before posting or emailing. The resize operation can be avoided if you reduce the image size on the camera before taking pictures you know you will email or post.

If this still doesn't work post back and someone will help you get through it. Once you learn its quick and easy.

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Guest Skyking

Frank, another way is to join Photobucket.com, it's free. After you join, upload your photo from the file that's in your PC. After they are uploaded into photobucket, copy the IMG code in the photo and paste it in the image area in your post. It's the forth block in from the smiley face above. It's pretty simple.

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