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Buick Coupe 1933

Guest Juergen

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Guest Juergen


here I am again from germany. I have the Buick Coupe bought and now here. I collected it in Saint Malo/ North France and drove home on own axle to Frankfurt/Germany about 1000 Km. 200 Km away from home I got a problem: oil in the radiator, oil cooler or headgasket broken, I´m not shure, but I think it is the oil cooler again. The rest of the journey on a trailer, what a shame (!) Please now my question. What is the best way to bridge the oilcooler with a bypass, if it is not to repair. I try to send a pic with.... Sorry I don´t know how to do it, it don´t work.

Thank you for answers


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Glad you got the car home. I will let others show you how to post photos as I am not sure if I use the easist way, or not.

However, I may be able to get you some help on the oil cooler, if not get a replacement, or help on the repair.

My contact has an urgent project right now, but maybe I can get some of his time in the next few days, and I will let you know.


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Guest imported_Thriller

The easiest way is, once you have the photo edited down (about 600 pixels wide is about the biggest you want here), is when you post, click on the File Manager link just below the box where you type your message. You can then browse to where the file is on your computer and click on Add File. When you have all the photos you want (maximum 10 per post), click on the "Done Adding Files".

Hopefully this is clear enough for you.

Good luck. I'd love to see the photos. There's a 1933 8-58 for sale here - I'm tempted, but don't quite have the space for it. I also have to go through a budget for the year before I make that decision.

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