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442 contverible parts car

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The only motor the 67 442 came with is the 400. It would have the Supreme trim package. Front and rear stabilizer bars. Heavy duty front and rear coil springs. "O" type posi rear (12 bolt cover, 10 bolt gears). Automatic would be a 400 turbo "OG" code transmission. Mannual would be a Munice 4 speed. Rally pack dash was a option. Chrome rally rims.

It's very hard to say what something is worth without seeing it. To many factors to deal with. The hood, 400 motor and the rally pack dash (If it has that option) would be the only rare parts on the car.

I just picked up a TRUE 67 442 H/T for $400. But being a Wisconsin car it is a complete rust bucket. The sheet metal is trash and the hood is salvagable, but the rest of the car is there.

Being A Colorado car, I'm guessing no or little rust.

$600-$1200 for the whole car as it sits. Parting it out would bring alot more depending on whether or not you can find a buyer in todays market. I'm sitting on a bunch of 67 Olds parts right now just waiting for the restro market to pick up. Looks like I'll have parts for awhile!

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