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i need a grille for 74 apollo


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Guest John Chapman

Where are you located?<P>The local Ecology (Chula Vista, CA) yard has a couple of Apollos. I don't know exact years, but they are the mid-70's X body cars. I didn't look at them very hard because I was looking for Skylark stuff.<P>Trunk latch and key should be reasonably easy. If I recall, this is the same on all the X body cars (Nova, Omega, Apollo/Skylark, and Ventura). Ecology cars usually have the trunk latch trashed because so many are impounds. They use the 4 foot master key to open them.<P>Cheers,<BR>John<P>------------------<BR>John Chapman<BR>BCA 35894<BR>1965 Skylark Convertible (Some Assembly Required)<BR> jmchapman@aol.com

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