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Todays gasoline taking some of the fun out of the hobby?

Paul Dobbin

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With a small fleet of collector cars, plus lawn mowers, edger,

chain saw, pressure washer, motor cycle, weed wacker, generator, boat motors and just about anything else with a gasoline motor, what's the answer to todays bad gasoline?

Yes, I use Stabil, and I will try the marine Stabil, but I still find gaskets & seals and hoses deteriorating really fast.

Rebuilding a carburetor every year and then, still having to replace hoses and seals is taking the fun out of the hobby.

What do you guys do? If I run everything out of gas it's a big project to use that equipment often and the seals die anyway.

Is there a real good additive for the multiple engine person?

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Guest ZondaC12

That's rally too bad everythings pukin out on ya. Just recently we got a new independent station in town that gets their gas from Utah. Everyone is about exactly $2/gal for reg and theyre 2.28..but its all 100% gas, no stupid alky in it. So I go there from now on for everything, especially for yard equipment we have a riding mower an old chainsaw and a walk-behind. I figure that's the best I can do...even though that stuff is, as with what youve got, no better in it's stamina for the test of time. The 1 oz to 2.5 gallons of Sta-Bil is supposed to be good for a year? The bottle says that anyhow...apparently doubling the dose doubles the time?

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Guest Bluesky636

I have no problem running 93 octane E10. I use BP, Mobil/Exxon, or Sunoco. No problems with rubber or seals. Modern materials have no problems with E10. Now if you are going for those last few points and using older material (NOS maybe), then you may have a problem with E10. Guess you have a choice to make: authenticity or drivability.

NOTE: NOTHING with work with E85 unless it was designed for it.

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