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After restoration a trip.

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After posting this in the Reatta forum, I thought that it should be put up here. Finally, I have completed the return trip from Central Florida to Cape Cod in my '89 Riv. I know that this is a Reatta Forum and my car doesn't qualify, but since some of the information I needed to bring the car into long haul condition came from here, I hope you might be interested in the results. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Cruise Control did work, albeit intermittently. It seems that when it did, the tachometer (CRT) worked as well. This happened in a light rain in the Southern States or when the car was given a rough ride on the potholed northern roads. There must be a loose wire that's grounding out at the Vehicle Speed Sensor. However, the speedometer works. Could it be an internal bad connection in the ECM? The Resume light stayed on always. All functions work when the Cruise Control and Tach are operational except the Resume. As I have stated, I checked all wires in the harnesses, and they look good. The trip went well. I went through Washington D.C. Wednesday afternoon and took another photo of the Riv in front of a modern sculpture on the Mall. I'll be putting that up soon in the photo section. I didn't run into any gridlock. Coming in from Virginia we saw the awesomely impressive Air Force Memorial officially dedicated on Saturday, October 14, 2006, three stainless steel spires that soar 270 feet high. Passing the Pentagon we continued at a good pace into the city. We traveled up and back to the Capitol along the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue. We stopped in the shadow of Washington monument as well as on the Mall. The White House was isolated by security measures, but I could see it from a distance. This security presented the only real delay to the city driving. Since the cherry blossoms haven't bloomed yet, this was not the height of the tourist season. I stretched my legs and then crossed the Potomac back into Arlington on the Arlington Memorial Bridge. There I took a "wrong turn" onto the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Although I have passed through this city often, I have never traveled on this road. It was pleasantly surprising. There was no exit back into the city. I didn't realize that the Potomac had such a steep valley. With the bare trees of March we had excellent views of it up beyond Georgetown. It reminded me of many of the old roads built in the N.E. in the twenties, narrow, winding along the natural contours of the land with stone block walls and scenic turn-offs. Driving as far as the CIA and Federal Highway Administration Research Station in Langley, I entered the beltway realizing my stay in this city this time around was over. At this point we were in the bumper-to-bumper afternoon commute. However, it went smoothly. Before sunset we passed south of Baltimore and arrived in Delaware at twilight. Although I intended to cross the Delaware south of Wilmington, we missed the turn. I continued through this small city in the dark and on to Philly. We missed a turn and passed through the airport there, then lost our way a bit but eventually crossed the Delaware into Camden, spending the night in N.J. We arrived in N.Y.C. during the morning rush hour, but after taking the Staten Island route into Brooklyn and Queens, the bumper-to-bumper travel went without mishap. Once back in N.E., we breathed a sigh of relief and were quite happy to arrive in the hilly terrain of R.I.

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