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Are these 46-48 Chrysler Bumper Guards?


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I've had these NOS bumper guards for a long time. The seem to have all the hardware to attach. I'd say that they are 1948 to 1952 vintage based on the style.

The narrow set is 24" center to center and seem to be set up to attached to a factory bumper guard attached to the front bumper. See the clips which wrap around the bumper horn. Looks like they would go over a bumper piece 2 1/2" wide.

The wide set would be rear I think. It looks like these attached directly to the rear bumper. They are 40" center to center.

I would guess that they are aftermarket- they say CELLO on the top of the vertical bars.

Any help would be much appreciated! They came with a bunch of stuff I bought- the guy had a lot of cars, mostly Fords and Chryslers in this vintage.




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Thay're called Van Auken griile guards and were a fairly common accessory for late 40's and early 50s cars. The Plymouth set I have that fits a 49 or 50 car differs from what's shown. I know that kits were available for most American made cars.

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