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FS 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser SL

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We have a nice 1991 Olds Cutlass Cruiser SL for sale. It is white with dark blue interior. Has been well maintained all these year. 130,000 miles on original 3.3 litre motor and is strong but the thrust bearing is going out. Most everything on the motor is new including the GM factory rebuilt transmission. New ceramic brakes and rotors as well, with alignment. New Michelen tires. New Costco top of the line battery. This is their mid-size wagon with a rear facing jump seat that folds down in front of the storage compartment. Window buttons have night lights. Lots of nice details including original air foil at rear. A few very small dings on the body if you look hard. Windshield has been replaced too. Asking $2500. obo. Can provide photos on request. Located in Orcutt, CA. email: homeoflesley@hotmail.com. Phone: (805)934-1710 for any questions - gladly answered.

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