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Rebuilding/replacing wood spokes in wheels

Guest Darryl

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Guest Darryl_Crank

I have one wheel on my 23 buick that needs the wood spokes to be replaced. Some one put metal shims between the rim and spokes which have worked their way out and now several of the spokes are loose.

Does anyone know a person or company in southern California that can do this?


Darryl BCA43289


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Putting small u shaped spacers between the spokes and the rim is an old and sometimes acceptable method of tightening up your wooden wheels. There is a small jack called a felloe jack that can be used to open the space between the rim and the spokes. Then small spacers are put in and then the felloe jack is released. If this is done correctly, the spacers should not fall out. It's possible that this can be done again rather than go to the trouble and expense of having new spokes or a whole new wheel made. I would try and see if this is possible for starters.

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