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Suggestions for exterior mirror on 1937 Zephyr


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Hi all,

I need to have a driver side mirror on my 37 Zephyr 4 door for road certification. I tried to use those door edge ones, but that all to tight between door and frame. Should I use a door hinge type mirror? And if yes, which one is the best and is hanging out enough so I can see around the center door post? And finally, how do I get the pin out of the door hinge, when I forgot to figure the mirror thing out before the paint-job?

Thanks for all support.



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The car looks great!

Regarding the mirror, you have several options:

1. You could install a peep mirror like this one:


The attached picture (I apologize for the size) shows an original one "in loco."

2. I can't tell you anything about putting in a hinge mirror now that you couldn't figure out already. But I can say that the mirror is not very big.

3. Your third option (if it meets legal requirements) is to find a suction-cup one that you can put on your door glass.


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thanks for your reply, PEEP mirror, thats what I tryed, but I just don't get enough clearance between the door an the cars frame, when closing the door. What's the one on the picture, I guess that is a peep mirror? And it's on a coupe, so the center post isn't that far out like it is on the 4 door. Thanks again, Kay.

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Hello Kay -

I hope this picture helps. You can see where it's attaching to the top of the door. I would think the sedan doors are about as wide at this point. (Again, I apologize for the size of the picture; I don't have an easy way to reduce its size.)


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