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repair on delaminated glass on convertible

Guest daveagain909

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Guest daveagain909

I had asked in an earlier thread how and what to use to repair a loose or totally delaminated glass window in our convertibles. I spoke to Andy at tucsontops in tucson ariz. and was told that he can repair my loose glass and usually gets 1 to 1 1/2 years of good results out there in the sun in tucson. For any of you who need a temporary/ repair for a not so expensive price give andy a call. I wish I lived there , I would have my top in for repair right now. He quoted me $90 but always remember a quote can change based on how bad your top is.

He also gave me some pointers an how to fix it myself including what adhesive to use and how to get it ready for the repair, I will let all of you know how It works out, I am going to help a friend here in raleigh try to fix his, and his is real bad, glass is totally out. I will let you all know.


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