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1963 & '64 RIV help with serial numbers


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I wonder if someone can help me out to find the serial numbers on a few '63's & '64 Rivs I have. The manual states there is a plate on the left hinge pillar.

NOT SO!!! I have several Riv's and need to slim down a little. I found only one plate so far on the left pillar and it was on a 1965. The manual for the '64 & '65 state it should be on the pillar plate! I do not have a service manual for the 1963

and am wondering whatit says. Help anyone! Looked at several ‘63's & ‘64's and no plate or number!! Is there any other place they might have hid the VIN # ???? Your help appreciated.


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Okay finally found where the VIN numbers are on the '63 & '64. The manual LIED!! It is not on the pillar!! That is only true on the 1965. I could include a picture but I don't know how to link it to this message. Perhaps you can help me there. With picture it might help others. I could not find it as it was covered with dirt etc, and not knowing where to look did not help.

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Guest imported_Thriller

The easiest way to add a picture is, when you post, there is a Post Options File Manager link just below the box you type in. Click on it, then you will be able to browse to your picture and it will attach to your post.

If you have a PhotoBucket or ImageShack account for hosting photos, there are other options...let us know if you'd like some details on that.

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