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Opel super six. Import from Europe

Jay T

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Hi all

I am a new member of this community and having a good feeling after joining.

I relocated to the USA several years ago with my family, but one ‘family member’ still remains abroad. It’s the pre-WW2 Opel Super Six cabrio. This particular car is a war trophy brought by my grandfather and has an impressive history. The car was carefully restored and is in excellent shape. However, engine is not authentic – it was destroyed beyond repairs during the war and my grandpa replaced it with a one from some of 70’s soviet car. The car is parked in Ukraine.


I think you’ll perfectly understand me if I tell how do I miss the feeling of driving this car on weekends. So, now I’ve decided to invest some time and finally bring it over. I wonder if anyone had an experience of importing the antique car from Europe? How long did it take? Any special procedures at the US customs? Costs for sea freight?

Are there any antique car clubs in Northern Virginia I can join, since I’m living in Fairfax county and really enjoy car related social activities? D.C. is also an option.

Also, any additional feedback re: tags, insurance and special rules/laws/ taxes I should know about as a total noob, would just be welcome.


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