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Parting out 90 TC

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Hi David,

Not to worry. In the trunk there is a slot cut in the carpeting on the front wall. Pop open this half cut out hole fit a 3/4" socket on a ratchet stick it on the "nut" in the hole and turn to release. The complete directions are:

1 - in the blue owner's manual,

2 - in the gold top operating manual.. LZ

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Hello David, I received books today, thanks.

I'm not sure how this piece comes off & if you still have it, on the driver's side between the chrome molding that wraps all the way around the back of the car and about an 8" molding, there is a piece of black plastic about 2" long and caps the end of the long wrap around molding. This is the area where hard top sits on top of of the car. Let me know if I've made any sense.



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All door glass, cruise control, 8v shortblock, hardtop w/ opera windows, the doors, soft top tonneau, almost new gas tank (less then 500 miles on it), all engine accessories, and misc SS as well as wood trim pieces and elec. switches are still available.

Everything must go, and can be had for VERY cheap!!

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If you still have the car I would like to have the positive wire that runs off the battery, goes behind the battery, clips thru a black torpedo shaped push together connector then feeds the fan shaped fuseable link connector. You can cut it at the battery terminal and then after the fuseable links connect to the car feeder wires. I want to make a tutorial for everyone that's having problems with those links.

If you still have it let me know how much.. Thanks, Lou

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Hey David:

We have not heard from you in a while. How did the insurance fiasco work out?

I could not really see from the pics but is the leather on the dash, right up next to the windshield still in pretty good shape. Mine is thrashed!


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I'd like to know if the window glass seal, passenger side, is good and how much you would like for it? The seal is on the back side of the windshield, and the door glass seals against it.

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On May 27, I PayPal'd Mr. Klimek $80.00 for a wheel from his wrecked TC. I've never received it and Mr. Klimek has been unresponsive to numerous requests for either a shipping date or a refund. I used PayPal at Mr. Klimek's request despite seeing a few earlier posts about his rather casual shipping practices.

A word to the wise - always pay by Postal Money Order when dealing with people you don't know. The USPS will ALWAYS pursue a claim of non-shipment, viewing it as mail fraud.

This is more an issue of honesty and principal than the $80.00 (although I'd much prefer that he refund my money) and I have contacted PayPal and have forwarded a copy of the transaction to the Wilmington NC City Prosecutor.

I'll close this with a question: am I the only one that Mr. Klimek cheated or are there others?

My search for a straight clean TC wheel with no curb rash continues.

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My brakes are VERY stiff but they work. It worked fine until several months ago. I don't know the ABS part names except for the accumulator. The parts that I might need are just like the 'master cylinder'parts for ABS 1989 TC cars with the 2.2L (NON 16 valve engine). Would you be willing to sell these parts?

I need some help or I'll have to sell the car and cut my losses.

Chris 828-514-9571 in Raleigh, NC

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