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Need help finding a car,69-70 Electra convertible in Howell Mich


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This is probably going to be futile, but I'm trying to locate a red 69-70 Buick Electra convertible owned by someone in the Howell Michigan area. The reason for this is for possible use in a promotional event in the area.

I have seen the car on several occasions in Howell, so I suspect that it is from this area.

If you are the owner, or know the owner, please private mail me with contact information. This is in connection with a event planned at my dealership this month.

I apologize for the last minute request, but I was just made aware of the need for this type of car today.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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Thank you to all that looked and responded to this post, especially the members of the Buicktown Chapter (big thanks to Roberta!)

Unfortunately, most of the cars were unavailable due to storage or renovations, but I received information that led me to the 70 Electra's owner.

So, another crisis solved, so to speak................


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