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1939 Phoenix used car lot -- *Great* photo


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This is a *great* photo taken by a guy named "Dok1", who has all sort of vintage car pics he took in the late 30s as a teenager. He's posted them on Flickr. Can you name all the other cars?

I think this photo captures it all -- the Mercury taking over the Zephyr's position as the intermediate make (notice that they are even using a *train* to advertise the Mercury!). I bet you that coupe could have been bought for less than $500 at that point.


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Guest V8andahalf

Great photo! My Dad worked for Foster and Kleiser as a posting supervisor in Watsonville and San Jose, CA. Looks like this one was taken in the S.F. Bay Area due to the small ad that is placed on the sign. As a kid I cut lawns at sign boards and folded paper for many signs in the 50's and early 60's. When the new car signs came out we would lay them out on the garage floor and get a preview of what the new models were going to look like before the signs were ever posted.

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